About Us

Robinhood Roasters exists  to  provide  expertly  roasted  coffee  for everyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee no matter how rich or poor!

We want beans that are  ethically  sourced, from family farms all around the globe. 

We believe we should give back to the communities we source beans from and so we will give a portion of all proceeds to local humanitarian organizations in those regions.

Robinhood Roasters  is  a  socially  conscious  business  that  considers  its  mission  in  all  of  its  endeavors.  

We  determine  the  best  possible  roasting  profile  to  bring  out  all  the  amazing  natural  flavors  of  that  coffee. 

Because  of  his  personal  interest  and  passion  for  coffee  Aaron Marsceau (our chief roaster) began  roasting  coffee  as  a  hobby and for his own coffee needs.  He  started  roasting  professionally  and started the company Everyman Coffee (now known as Robinhood Roasters) out of his home in Six Mile, SC.  He continues  to  pursue  education  in  coffee  roasting,  sensory  skills,  brewing,  and  general  coffee  science.  He  has  integrated himself  within  the  Upstate SC  coffee  scene  with  many  coffee  professionals.   Aaron  is  also receiving  ongoing  mentorship  from  local  coffee  professionals.   

Our other partners Rob Morris (CEO) and Dan D'Ambrosio (Equity Partner) joined on in 2021 to help grow the business and expand its offerings and wholesale/retail locations.

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